Please note that we do not make pre-molded finish product shower pans, our shower pans are for full tile showers only.

Fiberglass shower pan liners have proven themselves time and again to be the most versatile and reliable waterproofing system for tile showers. It is preferred by builders, plumbers and tilers alike for its clean corners, minimal buildup, and that it does not wrinkle on pitched surfaces, and its completely seamless installation including overtop of and outside of the door pan. Every shower pan we install comes with a lifetime leak free warranty. Jc\C fiberglass can pitch the floors to an installed drain for you if you would like as most towns require, as well as apply red guard finish coating if you would like for compliance with town regulations.

For all shower pans we start with smoothing all burs and hitting all nails smooth, we also round all hard edges to help with adhesion of the fiberglass coating. Once the shower pan is fully swept out we tape any corners or large gaps to help with the lamination of the fiberglass layers, and the drain pieces are scuffed to help with adhesion of the fiberglass. We cut 2.0 oz Owens Corning chopped strand mat to shape so that all areas of the shower pan are double layered for strength, we then apply the resin and fiberglass mat to all necessary areas and then the bolt in flange for the three piece drain is installed. We then either gel coat the pan or red guard it depending on your needs.

As with any job we use drop cloths wherever necessary and leave the work area clean once the job is complete.

For jobs that are inside finished homes we recommend having a door or other partition to block the fumes as well as a window fan to vent outside. The fiberglass usually gives off a strong odor for 24 hrs after installation.