Fiberglass-Shower-Pan-by-JCFiberglassShower Pan Waterproofing

Fiberglass shower pan liners are the best choice for waterproofing your tile shower basin. Fiberglass creates perfect corners and is able to be laid into any shape possible… Read More


Custom Fiberglass Projects

Some of our custom projects include waterproofing fountains, waterproofing concrete Koi Ponds, covering decorative concrete additions, post caps, and much more…. Read More


Commercial Fiberglass

Our professional commercial fiberglass services are ideal for any current or future homeowners, business owners, home builders, or apartment contractors…. Read More


7-BResidential Fiberglass

Our professionals at JC Fiberglass specialize in the installation of residential fiberglass decks for new construction projects, as well as resurfacing… Read More



Talk to JC Fiberglass about your next fiberglass project and we’ll see if there’s anything we can do to help. Whether you’re in need of a fiberglass deck, fiberglass shower pans, or custom work for a large scale development, you can rely on the Tri-State area’s fiberglass experts.